About My Rich Canadian Life

My Rich Canadian Life is a site dedicated to those looking to improve their own lives, learning and growing with those around them and telling their stories on how they live richly in Canada.


Why I started this site

I have been reading about personal finance for as long as I can remember and when I meet new people, it always seems to come up in conversation at one point or another. As I grow older, I have enjoyed sharing what I have learned and have taken a broader look at life and how I can improve it for those around me.

In the past few years, my wife and I have navigated the challenges of modern life here in Toronto. We deal with the issues that come with living in the city, making big decisions about how we want to grow together, and what we can do to improve the community and society we live in – many of these discussions go well beyond personal finance.

This site is the story of my life and journey to improve the lives of my Canadian family.



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