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Is what I’d love to say.

Then I jump to YouTube and go down the algorithmic rabbit hole.


Alt-right/identity politics.

Information warfare.

Data and privacy breaches.

And on and on it goes.

Every day it seems like the world ticks closer and closer to the end each day (I mean, we do still have 2 minutes left till it’s over).

It seems to be unavoidable to not drown in the floods of social media, with its siren call to engage, rage, and diminish your fellow person. There is always something to be angry about, always someone who is wrong and stupid and absolutely doesn’t know how to properly think about something the right way.

There has to be a better way.

It doesn’t feel like that long ago that things seemed to be better. People were friendlier, we could have civilised conversation and discussion, and diversity of thought was something that brought people together.

My heart honestly aches for that past.

Perhaps I am just looking at the past through rose-coloured glasses. By a number of measures, life is better for most people and it’s not possible to objectively discount that. The life I lead is tremendously better than the life my parents have had to endure and likely their parents before them. I am holding onto the thought that it will be the same for my kid as well.

I guess the question is where do we go from here.

Do we look to the past and try to make things great again? Or do we break the structure and rebuild it from here?

This isn’t a false dilemma and I think we have more than those options.

I don’t have the solution, but perhaps we can start with what people generally need.

To start, what could we agree on? I think most people need the same things. To have a roof over their head, full stomachs and clean water. To be able to find a partner or community, to have the opportunity to build a better life for themselves and/or their kids. To be loved and cherish.

We are all the same.

When I disconnect from the matrix, the contrast of life seems to diminish and the colour and vibrancy begin to shine brightly once again. It’s like taking a road-trip out of the city, away from the light pollution, and seeing the milky way again for the first time.

I’m out, I take a deep breathe. This does feel like where we could start.

And I remind myself that sometimes life is just that simple.